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About Us

HorizonIstanbul has been providing one on one coaching for students in Istanbul in one of the most peaceful areas of the city for more than fifteen years. For students from around the globe we provide the same effective coaching program through skype lessons and intensive summer and weekend programs.



Step inside our classrooms:

Personal attention is our main focus:
Each student is guided through a specialized program which has been refined for their individual needs. One-on-one tutorials on TOEFL, SAT, ACT, IELTS, IB, AP, GRE and GMAT are given by expert instructors who shape each class to fit each student. Our staff knows that discovering and sharpening the unique skills of our students is one of the keys of leading them to success. 

Trials and mock tests:
We believe in the performance-boosting power of mock tests; they help students to familiarize themselves with real test questions and learn to manage time effectively. At HorizonIstanbul SAT I and SAT II trial tests are given each Sunday and are also used frequently in lessons. When the exam day comes, students are thus well prepared for the real experience.


Making the difference through coaching:
You can take lessons anywhere, but HorizonIstanbul’s education coaches enhance their lectures with their in-depth knowledge about their students’ exams. This kind of know-how boosts our students’ confidence and keeps their motivation high. When necessary, our coaches update and upgrade these lecture programs. Families are never left out; they regularly receive feedback from our instructors and coaches. In this way, they are able to closely monitor the progress of the student.