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2020-04-27 09:19:19Application Process USA- Step by Step

By Sedef  & Ceren Yucad


Application Process USA- Step by Step

  1. School List: The most important component of the process and involves thorough research and the contribution of experienced counselors. A list is devised in three categories-“dream schools” that a student wants to try although the possibilities of being accepted are low; “target schools” that fall within the range of the student’s credentials and one “safety school” that is a 100% admit.
  2. Applications: A straightforward process that involves setting up accounts for the various applications for different schools. (many schools in the USA are now members of the Common Application or the Coalition Application, so the same application is valid for each member and only the supplements which are unique to each school have to be filled out separately)
  3. CV: A list of the activities that the students have been involved in starting with Grade 9 through Grade 12. Many schools require a CV or an otherwise stated document outlining these principal activities.
  4. Personal Statement: Most schools have their own essays in addition to the Personal Statement that is required by all. The Common Application or the Coalition Application Personal Statement topic can be chosen from among 5 topics that are given. This is the voice of the student-the only part that allows a student to communicate with the admission counselors one on one. Tip: The best personal statements are those that are written sincerely.
  5. Sending scores: Many schools require students to self report their test scores but they are not official unless they are sent to the institutions officially by the institution that has administered the test. Scores are sent on line or through fast mail.
  6. Follow up: Once the applications are sent, schools will send account information and the student has to follow the progress of documents. Until the file is complete, the follow up has to continue.
  7. Decisions: Early Action and Early Decision applications will receive decisions during December and January. Regular applications will receive decisions by the 1st week of April. All students must respond to ONE university by May 1st.
  8. Visa:The institution the student has decided to attend will issue an I-20 and the student will apply for a student visa.
  9. Enrollment:Students enroll on line and payments are usually made in August.
  10. Travel:Don’t forget to reserve tickets for the orientation date announced by the school as most students travel at the same time and tickets become scarce!!