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About Us

HorizonIstanbul Counseling is the leading coaching and consultancy company dedicated to providing specially-tailored services for students aiming to study either in Turkey or abroad. Our program is not limited to helping students achieve their academic goals but has also been expanded to follow up on their success and and lead them to establish their professional careers.


Take a look at our program:

Established in 1996, the Education, Coaching, and Counseling departments work in tandem to help thousands of high-school students. HorizonIstanbul distinguishes itself from the competition with its professional and enriching education and counseling program – a program whose value can be measured by the success of its students. All members of the staff, be they educators or coaches, are positive, creative, experienced and passionate mentors.


HorizonIstanbul Counseling aims to provide comprehensive knowledge to students and their families on the educational options they have both in Turkey and abroad so that they are empowered to make accurate choices. Our team of counselors point out academic options in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and Turkey and guide students in devising a personally tailored school list. At the same time, the support provided throughout the application process relieves parents and students from the anxiety that is common to college bound students.

For more than 15 years, HorizonIstanbul has worked with over 1500 students and followed up on their progress even after graduation, helping them to establish their professional career paths. We recognize that personal satisfaction is the basis of success; therefore, our priority has always been the selection of the perfect fit both in school and field of study. This philosophy has led us to develop our coaching services, which is now the backbone of both our counseling and education departments.