Quick Facts
Quick Facts

What is an art portfolio?

      Students begin to prepare their art portfolios as soon as they know they will be studying a field in art and design or architecture. While there is no standard format for a portfolio, and it can include a student’s work from many different media, some art programs will have specific requirements. It is advisable to check admission pages for each school to determine specific requirements.

Art schools’ admission representatives always advise students that what they really want to see is:

  • Passion for art
  • Creativity
  • Talent
  • Dedication
  • Expression

      You may include any form of visual communication including photographs, poetry, paintings, drawings, sculpture, animation or 3D objects.

      Art programs usually wish to see between 15-20 pieces of a student’s work and most often these are sent to schools electronically through slide room accounts that are opened by students. Other ways of sending a portfolio are via mail or CD. The art pieces of the student are photographed professionally and the photos are either uploaded electronically or sent via mail or CD. Very few schools require the actual work to be sent.

      Interviews: Most schools visit HorizonIstanbul Art and interview students one on one to receive feedback about their work. Others may require interviews through Skype or ask the student to visit the campus.