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About Us

Co-established by Ceren Yucad and Hazal Emre in 2013, HorizonIstanbul Kids aspires to be leaders in young children’s education. Having witnessed the importance of the age period 2-6 in children’s lives to establish a positive attitude to learning languages and learning in general, Ceren set out to build a curriculum that would teach young Turkish children English and instill in them effective study habits. Hazal, an artist who is aware of the effect of art training in young children contributed to the program with her art curriculum. She states that art helps children to express themselves and sets the basis for positive communication skills in later stages of life. 

“Everybody is busy in our modern world and even kids do not have the luxury to just sit around”, say the two young women. They have designed a special program for children aged 2 -6 during which they will learn English, engage in artistic and skill building activities in an atmosphere of fun and learning.


A complimentary part of their work is Kids Celebrations. This sister company provides the catering while the HorizonIstanbul Kids team designs the atmosphere for birthday parties or any celebration.