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2014-02-21 12:45:59HorizonIstanbul Art & Beyoglu

HorizonIstanbul Art has recently merged with Pera Portfolio, located in Beyoglu, the artistic center of Istanbul.


Art students now have the privilege of attending art classes in two locations: Throughout the academic year, art classes are offered in the Pera Studio by Nesrin Malloy and her art team. In the summer, intensive two-week workshops offered by top art & design universities are held in the HorizonIstanbul studio in Akatlar. Each summer we will be hosting a worldly known art university program such as Pratt, Parsons, CCA, SAIC...and more to come.

 HorizonIstanbul Art is happy to welcome back Nesrin Malloy the co-founder of HorizonIstanbul Art in 2009.

Nesrin Malloy:

Portfolio Advisor

Co-Founder of Horizon Art portfolio development department.


Nesrin specializes in all aspects of portfolio advising for Architecture, art&design universities in the USA, UK, Canada and European countries.

Some of you have known Nesrin Malloy from her years of service as the director of College Counseling Office at TED Istanbul Koleji. For the past eight years she has been working and specializing in students’ portfolio development for art & design, Architecture and Media Arts majors. Her main role is guiding students’ portfolio preparation and setting up portfolio days during university visits.

Nesrin Malloy has a Bachelor's degree from Marmara University in Communications and has a Master of Arts degree from the New School University in New York. Nesrin Malloy has also worked for many years in several departments of the New School including Parsons Admissions.