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2013-07-18 15:17:17SAIC Istanbul Summer Workshop began!




This workshop, Fun and Research and Games, explores the themes, practices, and contexts of cultural inquiry undertaken by artists.  It is the goal of Fun and Research and Games to introduce and interrogate the intersection of research and studio activity that is the hallmark of artmaking in the 21st century, and to motivate students to consider their own artistic practice as an ongoing process of inquiry and discovery.  As a result, a range of recording methods (sketching, journaling, collecting, diagramming, photographing) will be utilized by students and incorporated into studio work and discussion. 


In addition to exploring the idea of research as a part of studio practice, we will look at the role that playfulness and rule-based structures play in contemporary art.  When pursued authentically by the student, this workshop will enhance their ability to create thoughtful and robust studio work in any medium.  It is the goal of this course to foster an awareness of the diverse (often invisible) ways in which artists work in the studio and the world… and to have fun making thoughtful work.  While it is the hope that students come away from this workshop with several portfolio-ready pieces, the ultimate goal is to develop strategies for generating ideas that will continue to feed their studio practice long after the workshop has ended.





Students will explore working with drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, found objects, and possibly other media that become relevant to their ideas.  Several of the projects will allow students to work in their own preferred medium.


We will work in the studio every day of the workshop, and while students will be told in advance what materials they will need for each session, it is typically a good idea to come prepared with a variety of the following materials.



Pencils – 2B, 4B and/or 6B

Graphite sticks / Charcoal / Conte

India Ink + Brush

Paper (around 40cm x 60cm or larger - on a roll or in pads


Masking Tape

Camera (if possible)  Please do not buy a camera for this workshop.  There will be enough to share if you do not have your own.



TOPICS AND PROJECTS – ROUGH SCHEDULE                                                                                 


DAY 1 – Art as Process

·         Presentation on my work to give some background

·         Studio project exploring process and product

·         Top 10 lists – Generating content


DAY 2 – Performance for the Camera

·         Presentation on contemporary uses of photography as document and performative tool

·         Studio project exploring content and context

·         Start a collection – Looking at artists today


DAY 3 – Object Transformation

·         Presentation on contemporary art that transforms everyday objects into art via physical or contextual manipulation

·         Studio project exploring the impact ritual, process, and history have on an object / work of art

·         Bring in objects


DAY 4 – Rules of the Game

·         Presentation on artists who create art through rule-based processes

·         Studio project addressing authorship and audience participation

·         Game creation / art creation


DAY 5 – Expectations of Art

* Presentation on artists who challenge our expectations of what art is and is not

* Play the games we made / Group discussion

* Finish collection


DAY 6 – Categorizing

·         Share our collections with each other

·         Studio project aimed at developing content and strategy through categorizing and re-categorizing our collections


DAY 7 – Personal Narrative / Borrowed Strategy

·         Studio project that challenges us to think like other artists while using our own unique voice

·         Explore ideas of form, content, and context


DAY 8 – Show & Don’t Tell

·         Studio project addressing the difference between illustrating and idea vs. giving a viewer the experience of that idea

·         Begin final project


DAY 9 – One idea, Two Processes

·         Studio project exploring how materials influence how we make and interpret works of art

·         Continue work on final project


                DAY 10 – Final Critique

                *Present final work